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Your Chiropractor

Your Chiropractor is truly passionate about patient care and their goal is to help the residents of Paulton, Midsomer Norton and Keynsham, and the surrounding communities to achieve a healthier and more balanced body.

The Nutrition Activist

An accredited Nutritionist and Psychologist Olivia believes that everyone can achieve a healthier, happier life with the right nutrition.

Balance - The Countryside Gym

Balance The Countryside Gym & Studio is a unique and personal training space perched on a hill with beautiful countryside views in Timsbury just outside of Bath.

Walnut Grove Clinic

Walnut Grove has a dedicated team of health professionals. Using one or more of the team, they will get you back on your feet quickly and then keep you fit and active for life.

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July 31, 2020
Snacking: Could it Actually Be Good For You?
Snacking: Could it Actually Be Good For You?

What is Snacking? Before you read on, I’d like you to start by thinking about your definition of snacking is. If someone asked you to define the term snacking what would your answer be? Think about this for a moment.

July 28, 2020
Should We Force Children to Apologise?
Should We Force Children to Apologise?

There is quite a bit of controversy around whether we should be making our kids apologise when they do something wrong. There is one school of thought that says that children don't develop "theory of mind" and an understanding of other's perspectives

By Krysten Taprell
July 23, 2020
Self-Care Is Not Selfish
Self-Care Is Not Selfish

As parents it can seem that the world’s pressures have amplified from the time that tiny baby comes into the world. A typical parent struggles with a lack of sleep, financial stress, juggling work with child care

By Krysten Taprell

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