About Us

HealthHubble is a new online resource for the UK health and wellness industry that aims to connect users with a wide range of providers. We recognise that, now more than ever, people in the UK need healthcare and wellness services at their fingertips.

HealthHubble is different to all other search engines. Simply type your problem into the search box, for example ‘back pain’, and we will give you a range of suggestions to consider, such as physiotherapists, chiropractors, surgeons or a useful product, all to help relieve and improve your symptoms.

HealthHubble has gone live three months before its official launch date in response to the coronavirus outbreak and the subsequent need for healthcare and wellness services from the safety of our homes. Our main objective at this stage is to empower you, our users, and help you find and communicate with providers of ‘virtual, video, telephone or mobile app services and consultations’, throughout the UK.

In the coming months HealthHubble will continue to evolve enabling you to benefit from shared experiences in our forums, check out reviews, and find enlightening healthcare and wellness events.

In today’s ever-changing healthcare environment, HealthHubble is a trustworthy, reliable and easily accessible one-stop-shop.

Welcome to your new online health and wellness hub.

Meet the HealthHubble team


Dr Jacqualine Seckley

Managing Director & Founder

Steve Crowe

CEO & Founder

Nathan Bees

Digital Marketing Manager

Luke Wheeler

Digital Development Manager

Carrie Plummer

Editor & Content Manager

Jeremy Meadows

Account Manager

Isobel Black

Account Manager

Steven Kane

Account Manager