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Our skin is often seen as a mirror to our overall health and is our first form of defence against infection, pollution and irritants.  Therefore, understanding how to take expert care of your skin is essential in keeping in optimal overall health.

Whether you are looking for guidance in resect of a specific skin condition or contemplating treatments to enhance or redefine, we are proud to work with a multidisciplinary team of health professionals who provide informative, trustworthy and expert advice to help you at every step of your skin health journey.

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by Dr Maryam McMillan on November 11, 2020
Facial Aesthetic Injectable Treatments: What to Think About Before You Take The Plunge
by Dr Maryam McMillan on November 11, 2020
Non-surgical facial aesthetic treatments such as ‘Botox’ (botulinum toxin type A) and dermal fillers account for around 90% of cosmetic procedures in the UK, in an industry that is worth around £2.75bn a year.... Read full article

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