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Holistic therapies and complementary medicine can act as a support in maintaining great overall health and wellbeing.  By treating the body, mind, spirit and our emotions as one, we can help restore and rebalance our engery levels, leaving us feeling restored and centered.

We are proud to work with an expert, multidisciplinary panel of health and well-being professionals to bring you information and guidance on a wide range of complementary treatements to help you make well informed decisions on your unique wellness journey.

Explore a wide range of holistic services that can offer help and support.

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by Kate van Rensburg on November 10, 2020
What is Acupuncture and How Does It Work?
by Kate van Rensburg on November 10, 2020
How do you explain a 2,500-year-old Chinese treatment using our 200-year-old Western Medical knowledge and how do our Western minds get around the concept of energy flow and meridians? ... Read full article

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