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Most Yoga practices like Hatha or Ashtanga for example, are referred to as Yang Yoga as it represents the brighter more obvious surface part of our energy in our Asanas using our superficial muscles and tissues.

So in contrast Yin Yoga represents going deeper into the energy pathways that interconnect and encapsulate all our deeper cells and tissues like our fascia, joints, tendons, ligaments and bone, hydrating and repairing each cell. 

The practice opens into our Chi energy pathways that are known as the Meridians. To get deep into the Meridians of the body we first learn the basic Meridian pairs and relationship to corresponding organs of the body.  The deeper solid Yin organs of the body and their hollow surface Yang pairs. It is this understanding of the Yin and Yang balance that makes the practice so powerful.

The principles of Yin yoga allows us to come into the body by starting to create an awareness and resolve to take time to notice the shifts and imbalances to skilfully recognise our natural state. The more we practice, the more aware of our emotions and overall wellbeing we become.

Each Yin Yoga Class concentrates on one Meridian pair and the corresponding organ pair’s Chi (Qi) energy and the specific functions in our ‘body clock’ linking to our physical and emotional wellbeing. Emotional imbalance can be a sign of unbalanced Chi. It involves finding a particular posture to open the Meridian and holding your shape without engaging any muscles allowing the deep connective tissue to open.  We can hold some positions for up to 5 minutes! But, the deeper and longer you go, the more beneficial it is for your practice.

As you get older, your body tends to lose its moisture and as Yin yoga is a cooling hydrating practice, it not only strengthens our joints and connective tissue, it also balances your physical and emotional Chi energy.

If you are going through an emotionally challenging period, like menopause, then you might also want to focus your Yin Yoga practice on the organs and meridians that house this emotion, to prevent any emotional build up. It can alleviate physical symptoms too by aiding a restful sleep, improve blood circulation and alleviate anxiety and headaches.

Yin can improve your Yang practice as you regain a more subtle movement in your joints and connective tissues.


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