A Smart Textile Innovation to Help Fight Back Pain Caused by Sedentary Lifestyles

Back pain is unfortunately widespread: 80% of the population will suffer back pain once in their life1. People doing physically constraining jobs (health workers, transport, construction) are affected but so are those spending most of their time sitting down to work or those who work within transportation.

Man wearing Percko Vest hidden by shirt.

Professionals who work for home, with less ergonomic equipment than in an office space, with less breaks than usual, often experience back aches and tensions. This is also true for less obvious sedentary professions such as hairdressers or dentists who tend slouch over for long period of times. Activities as common as looking down at a mobile phone, also tilts the head forward and causes muscle in the back and neck to become fatigued more quickly.

Jonathan Sabah, resident Osteopath at PERCKO explains: “We know that musculoskeletal disorders are multifactorial. Stress is an important risk factor, as is a sedentary lifestyle. Indeed, the body is naturally built to move. Prolonged static positions lead to the stiffening of joints and tissues, they result in muscle contractions and inflammations. They also lead to poorer blood circulation. To reduce these risks, movement is key.”

So, how can we ensure that when we are most stressed or have a long day of work ahead of us, we remember to keep healthy postural habits?

The Idea of a Smart Second-skin as a Posture Reminder

Inspired by the back pain his father experienced as a dentist from hunching over his patients, Alexis Ucko, founded PERCKO together with Quentin Perraudeau. As two engineers they wanted to work with health professionals including Osteopaths, Physiotherapists, Doctors in Biomechanics, to find a simple and effective solution to reduce spinal pain (neck pain, back pain, low back pain) by stimulating a dynamic posture.

Alexis Ucko and Quentin Perraudeau, Founders of Percko

They developed Lyne UP, a tech-embedded T-shirt: A system of patented tensors are positioned strategically on the upper body for a double action, on the shoulders to open the chest and on the lower back to align the spine and the pelvis. The T-shirt stimulates the muscles for an active and dynamic posture, it also reduces slouched postures. Consequently, the strengthening of the core muscled leads to long term back health Improvements and back pain relief.

Having formed partnerships with textile innovation specialists and an osteopathic clinic, PERCKO developed a discreet undershirt made from a high-quality breathable and thin fabric.

This differs from systems that were overly complex or restricting, frequently offering short-term pain relief but causing muscle atrophy in the long term.

The bestselling Lyne range is now registered as a medical device. This includes: Lyne UP the everyday underwear, Lyne Fit, the sports T-shirt, and Lyne PRO, the vest for manual activities.  The efficacy of the Lyne products has been proven by six studies on 4,400 subjects. The satisfaction rate from users is 86%, with 72,6% highlighting less pain.

Rear view of man wearing PERCKO vest whilst working at desk.

Percko’s Users Are the Company’s Best Advocates

As shown by the great reviews on Trustpilot, PERCKO makes no compromises and decided not to go for low-cost manufacturing, they only work with the best European breathable fabrics. They give their users a 30-day money-back guarantee so that they can judge by themselves.

They believe their solutions should also be convenient for everyday use, this is why their Lyne range are machine-washable and durable.

Happy relaxed woman wearing Percko vest

A Solution Validated by Professionals

PERCKO is now trusted by over 2,000 companies worldwide to support the wellbeing of their employees. To maximise the efficacy, PERCKO recommend discussing the usage of their products with physical therapists for personalised support and as such have received praise and acknowledgment from numerous health care professionals:


'Poor posture can result in pain including joint or muscle issues and, with prolonged problems, maybe even impact on the digestive and respiratory systems.

So a product that is engineered to offer gentle and natural feeling support to hold the body in a better position has the potential to make a dramatic difference to one’s quality of life. The Lyne Up shirt assists in this and does so without limiting natural joint movement or allowing muscles to weaken. It serves as a constant reminder and an aid towards improved postural habits and so could make a big difference to some wearers.'

Claire Webster, Osteopath, Chelmsford - Member of the UK General Osteopathic Council


'I tried it on myself, and I found it really comfortable which is the first thing for me.

I felt that it had pressure on the right places. I think if a product like that, can help people realise where they are meant to be on a day-to-day basis and prevent them coming too far forward, then, they are going to get better quicker, they are going to feel less pain, they are more likely to do their exercises as well. And no one wants to be in pain with that kind of issues, so I think it’s a really good product.'

Jeff Ross, Physiotherapist, Harris & Ross, Manchester


'Move aside shoulder straps and enter the Lyne Up from PERCKO - a French company, who now has a base in London. PERCKO has come up with, what I believe is a game-changer, to help ease pain in the back, improve posture and build strength in the right areas by stimulation of the right structures, through the power of the Lyne Up technology.'

Charlotte Hurst, Chiropractor, Worcester


Click below to learn more about how the innovative design from PERCKO can help your posture:


You can also benefit from an exclusive 15% off your first order with the code HUBBLE15.


PERCKO is keen to work collaboratively with health professionals too and can be contacted at [email protected] for more information.



1 Chelsea and Westminster Hosptial NHS Foundation Trust


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