Associations and Partnerships

At HealthHubble we pride ourselves in forging and nurturing collaborative relationships and partnerships across the health and wellness industry.

We actively seek to work with organisations whose values, passion and integrity align with our own in building trust, driving standards, promoting continuous learning and patient safety.

We are proud to stand shoulder to shoulder with our partners and industry associations:


HealthCare Professional Guidance - HCPG

We have the expertise and tools to help ambitious physio practice owners achieve HCPC regulatory requirements.

By combining our specialist knowledge and clinical expertise, we work together with a broad spectrum of musculoskeletal and physiotherapy practices to build solid frameworks that are robust and evidence all the required standards and regulations, whilst promoting and safeguarding patient safety.



International Society of Psychotherapy and Counselling - ISPC

The International Society of Psychotherapy and Counselling (ISPC) is an independent Counselling organisation, providing professional membership for Counsellors, Psychotherapists and Counselling Psychologists. The ISPC employs the services of a highly qualified board of administration that founded the ISPC to promote professional recognition for Counsellors through qualification and experience.

The ISPC is involved in three main activities.

Firstly, we facilitate assessment and certification of existing experience in the field of counselling and psychotherapy and its related disciplines. This ensures that members can work safely as private practitioners.

Secondly, we provide an experienced supportive body to which professional people can belong and get in touch should there be a need.

Thirdly, we use any profits to feedback into counselling communities to reduce costs of counselling training and CPD materials for those who qualify.

The ISPC recognises that accomplished Counsellors and other professionals using counselling skills will already possess valuable skills and qualifications. The ISPC provides public and professional recognition of these achievements by granting membership to those who qualify for the basic training of counselling.

Mental Health Change Logo

Mental Health Change

We are committed to changing the provision of mental health care and through our mission aim to have mental health recognised, treated and funded in the same way as physical health, thereby stopping mental health from being a poor relation and creating parity for all health care.

We seek to create pre-emptive courses of treatment for mental health patients specialising in specific groups of mental health needs from initial assessment to cure. Fundamentally breaking mental health into specialist types of related treatment areas with specialist units.

We also aim to establish a mental health telephone/text support line for all – 555 – that acts like 111 for mental health providing the ability to get people registered for NHS support if required.


We are always keen to explore future partnerships and welcome you to contact us to explore opportunities further.