How To Promote Your Health & Wellness Event

How To Promote Your Health & Wellness Event

Once seen as either specialist or last-minute bolt-on features to music festivals, the health and wellbeing event’s industry is one that is gaining in popularity.  According to Pointfranchise1, the health and wellness industry, which includes fitness, nutrition and cosmetics is worth almost £2.8 trillion worldwide. It is estimated that by 2022, British consumers will invest £487 each annually on wellness; and trends year-on-year are expected to increase.

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Health and wellness events spark huge followings and become key date in many diaries, one such example is Balance Festival who welcome an astonishing 10,000 visitors over their 3-day programme2.  Believe it or not, they are not an exception when it comes to popularity, with around 15 other events hosting similar attendance figures.

However, not everyone is looking to join the masses whilst on a yoga mat in Warrior pose.  Indeed, the allure of more intimate and tailored events are certainly on the radar for many looking to immerse themselves in mind, body and spirit or even take their first tentative steps into the boutique health and wellness sphere.

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The effects of Covid-19 within the events industry have been well documented in recent months, however as we continue to emerge out of lockdown, perhaps now is the perfect time to turn our attentions back to enjoying and embracing all the benefits that the event’s scene brings.  Combined with a heightened awareness of both physical and mental health and wellbeing, hosting or taking part in an event is a great way to reignite your marketing efforts and reconnect with existing clients as well as extending your reach to new ones.  With a keen eye being kept to safety guidelines in terms of numbers, hygiene requirements and social distancing3, it is possible to navigate these whilst planning and subsequently hosting your event.

Remember that face-to-face connection, bringing your product or service alive to an interested audience?  These opportunities can really ignite your business, strengthen your brand and build your customer base, whilst giving you a stage to demonstrate your skills, experience and expertise.

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The opportunity to get your brand in front of an eager and fertile audience can provide a real return on investment with many entrepreneurs seeing these spaces as unrivalled opportunities to test new products out with direct and immediate feedback4.  With audiences looking to engross themselves in experiences such as Yoga, group workout sessions or mindfulness, so too are they keen to explore bespoke offerings, products or services.  

This hunger for diversity as well as sustainability also spans into the corporate sector with more businesses looking to offer their staff the opportunity of attending workshops and classes to further support and transform their own wellbeing programmes.  With employee wellness packages being the most important5 point (after salary) on the employee checklist when looking for a new job; the need to offer meaningful and tangible benefits is key when it comes to staff happiness, productivity and retention.

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The planning involved in hosting an event, workshop or course will always take longer than delivering the big day itself.  So, whether you are newbie looking to branch out into hosting your own event or a stalwart who is a seasoned pro on the event’s circuit; the need to expand how you promote your event is crucial in spreading awareness and following. 

Let’s face it, it’s everyone’s worst nightmare if no-one turns up.

Publicising your event, course or workshop is a big part of ensuring maximum capacity and should naturally form part of your planning process.  Allowing enough time for your target audience to know about your event and book a space is key, but knowing how and where to do this can seem like a minefield.  Of course, your own website or social media channels may be your go-to first ideas of letting your audience know what you have planned; but how can you expand this awareness and place your event in front of a new audience? Let’s be honest, not everyone is an influencer with thousands of followers hooked on every post.

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Some may turn to event hosting sites, where members of the general public can browse through event categories to find what they are looking for, but just how many people are searching for health or wellness events and just how easy is it to find your bespoke event? Which category do you list under and does it really fit your unique description?  Added to this there can be complex pricing plans which you will need to incorporate into your ticketing costs.  These extra fees can either bump up the cost of your event, or you can choose to pass this increase onto your guests. Be warned however, as this may mean you unwittingly outprice potential new clients.

Placing your event with the UK’s leading health and wellbeing platform is one way of extending your reach to an audience already looking for health and wellbeing options, and with three simple pricing options, no commission and the ability to take control of your event at the click of a button, managing your events just got easier and even more targeted. 

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Thousands of visitors use HealthHubble each and every month to find valuable, reliable and safe information to support their health and wellbeing choices.  Listing your event, workshop or course with HealthHubble can form part of your dynamic plan and place you in the heart of the UK’s leading health and wellbeing community.

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