Top 6 Integrated Business Functions of the Best CRM

Top 6 Integrated Business Functions of the Best CRM

‘The goal is to turn data into information and information into insight’ – Carly Fiorina, Former CEO, Hewlett Packard

At HealthHubble we love to share news and information about technology that can help your business grow. We also understand just how important accurate and secure data management is when it comes to driving business forward.

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So, what can a CRM offer small and medium sized businesses that are looking to dive deeper into their data and really start to use this to influence their client interactions and business growth as a whole?

What Are the Top 6 Integrated Business Functions That a CRM Can Bring?

  • E-mail and SMS Campaigns
  • Reporting Options
  • Online Bookings and Shift Manager
  • Payment Integration
  • Lead Manager
  • Surveys

These extra offerings allow your business to further interact with your clients, segment data and give more flexibility in terms of pre-payment or deposit options and even how your clients can book appointments with you; whilst in the safety of cloud storage.

Email and SMS Campaigns

Do you currently interact with your clients digitally?  If the answer is no, then there are some great benefits of doing so, and it really doesn’t take much time to get a good handle on updating your business comms and keep your clients fully updated with all your news and offerings.  CRMs can offer simple template options and the ability to create your own branded messages, enabling you to send meaningful information directly to your client’s inbox or mobile device. 

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CRMs can also help you to create lists to segment your client database so you can quickly and efficiently send tailored messages to your network, meaning that you can effortlessly keep at the forefront of their mind.


Three simple questions that all business owners should ask themselves when it comes to reporting:

  1. What reports do you currently produce for your business?
  2. How easy do you currently find this?
  3. Are these in real-time? 

Accurate reporting is essential for all businesses, and the easier it is in producing reports has a direct influence on how regularly you dip your toes in this arena.

CRMs can benefit this area of your business management and development by providing a number of standard reports which can give you greater insight into both your business and your client’s interaction.  Just imagine if you had the power to see real time stock levels, information on different treatments booked and the subsequent impact this could make on your budgeting.

Online Bookings and Shift Manager

Wouldn’t it be great if you could offer your clients the flexibility and control of being able to book their own online appointments? 

As businesses we need to bend and flex to trends and influences, and never before have we really understood just how important flexibility is.  An intuitive CRM can help with all aspects of online bookings and integrate these into your business processes. 

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Online bookings are secure and robust, allowing your clients the opportunity to book with you in confidence whilst giving you the ability to manage bookings; keeping them flexible to your demands.  Bookings can be aligned with treatment durations meaning that the days of overbooking are a thing of the past. With instant updates, you can change clinic times to offer variety and at the same time give you the power to restrict availability to manage your work/life balance. 

The Shift Manager feature allows you to stay in control with staff rotas, and your clients with up-to-date information, leaving expectations met and a booking facility able to take care of itself – win, win!

Payment Integration

How do you currently take payment for treatments or procedures?  Does this operate as a separate function to your client management or dare we ask if this is paper based with handwritten receipts?

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A CRM can integrate payments directly with your client management records giving you full oversight of all payments received in real time.  Having the option to add prepayment and deposit payments to your online bookings can reduce the number of ‘no shows’ and benefit cost management when it comes to certain supplies or treatments. 

Lead Management

Do you currently offer a referral service and if so, how do you track and monitor the successes? If you are running a manual process, it can be difficult to keep abreast of prospects; especially if conversion can extend over a period of months.  

Referral services can be a great feature and a way of attracting new clients, but tracking successes can prove to be problematic, especially if you are doing this manually.  This is where a CRM can provide real benefit to your business and allow you to monitor Lead generation and swiftly understand conversion rates.  It’s powerful stuff to know, especially if you are actively growing your business.  Knowing what works, and what doesn’t is the key to unlocking future success and staying ahead of the competition.

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Do you really know what your clients think about you or your services and do you ask for feedback?  It can be a daunting process, especially when your business is so personal. Sometimes the best way of receiving ‘honest’ information is not to ask for it face to face. Digital surveys can provide a plethora of golden nuggets that you can use to fine tune areas of your business that may be struggling; or even highlight areas that you hadn’t previously considered. 

These insights may allow you to discover a new offering that your clients are looking for or even provide you with the reassurance that you are doing great.  It’s always good to know where you stand, and its best practice to ask.  Taking clients for granted and not evaluating your service can leave you standing still whilst the competition stride ahead – as the old saying goes; ‘knowledge is power’.

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