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According to NHS figures, one person quits smoking every 80 seconds in England, but did you know that it takes on average around eight to ten attempts to successfully kick the habit?

At HealthHubble we understand that willpower alone isn't the most successful way of quitting. From nicotine replacement products to hypnotherapy, there are various options to suit your individual needs to help you stop smoking.

Explore a wide range of smoking cessation services that can offer help and support.

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by Diana Cheung on January 15, 2023
How Your Local Pharmacy Can Support Your Health
by Diana Cheung on January 15, 2023
Across the UK there are approximately 11,826 community pharmacies, all of whom have a dedicated team on hand to help you with your specific health and wellbeing goals, questions and concerns.... Read full article
by Rana Mirzai on November 18, 2022
Why Stopping Smoking Could Be Your Best Decision
by Rana Mirzai on November 18, 2022
We all know of the risks associated with smoking and the damage it can do to our health, but sometimes making the decision to quit can seem like the hardest step to ever take in the process of quitting. ... Read full article
by HealthHubble on March 02, 2021
Smoking Ban: Wales Becomes First UK Nation to Protect Hospitals and Playgrounds
by HealthHubble on March 02, 2021
New legislation came into effect in Wales yesterday marking it the first nation in the UK to ban smoking in both hospital and playgrounds. The smoke-free rule includes both school and public playgrounds and also extends to outdoor areas of day-care... Read full article

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