Uniquely Created U | London's Specialist Nutritionist

Uniquely Created U | London's Specialist Nutritionist

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General Medical Council
Online &, Marleybone, London, England
Uniquely Created U | London's Specialist Nutritionist

Uniquely Created U | London's Specialist Nutritionist

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Uniquely Created U | London's Specialist Nutritionist
Uniquely Created U | London's Specialist Nutritionist
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Uniquely Created U | London's Specialist Nutritionist

Online Video Appointments
Online Video Appointments
General Medical Council
General Medical Council
Online &, Marleybone, London, England

Restore and revitalise your health and wellbeing choices at all stages of life with Uniquely Created Nutrition and Health – health and nutrition as unique as you are.


With our roots firmly placed within health, clinical wellbeing, fitness and nutrition, our team at Uniquely Created U are perfectly placed to help you discover and become the very best version of yourself.

By transforming mindsets, educating, and celebrating success, we support clients via face-to-face consultations in London and Northamptonshire as well as online to suit busy and professional schedules.


Meet Our Founders

Dr Nicholas and Vanessa Peat


Dr Nicholas Peat – Clinical Director, General Practitioner BSc (Hons), MBBS, MRCGP

Nicholas is a principal general practitioner (GP), who actively practices clinical medicine with a considerable focus on nutritional, lifestyle and holistic approaches in supporting his patient’s long-term care. He also actively teaches undergraduate medical students, examines at the University of Cambridge and has developed a student selected component (SSC) in Human Nutrition which forms a compulsory part of the undergraduate medical degree.

Vanessa Peat – Managing Director, Registered Associate Nutritionist BSc., ANutr

Vanessa is a registered associate nutritionist with a keen interest in performance nutrition as well as being a certified personal trainer. Her passion for nutrition and holistic health and wellbeing has transformed the lives of her family and clients, providing the springboard to happier and sustainable lifelong health. She is involved in teaching and nutrition lead in the Human Nutrition SSC, University of Cambridge.

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How Do We Support Clients? 

Choosing to make positive health and lifestyle choices undoubtedly benefits our overall well-being. However, understanding just where to start can feel like a daunting process.

Perhaps you don’t know where to start or lack the motivation to take the first step? Maybe you’ve been thinking about making healthier changes for a long time and want to seize the opportunity, gaining numerous benefits from specialist advice to help shape healthier behavioural changes for your future.  

Uniquely Created U offer a wide range of bespoke and individually tailored programmes to support your successful journey in reshaping your lifelong health.

Combining both nutritional and medical expertise, we draw on specialist multidisciplinary professionals to guide and shape personalised goals; whilst providing you with the reassurance of evidence-based, factual and trustworthy information.

Online learning with Uniquely Created U.


Every client receives a truly personal service which includes:

  • Evidence-based nutrition and health education
  • Psychological tests to help tailor your plan
  • Motivational support to help reinforce your success
  • Access to fitness plans through our partnership with FiiT TV

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One-to-One Consultations

Taking time to explore and invest in your health and wellbeing choices can provide so many benefits and offer the opportunity and clarity to create new goals.

The team at Uniquely Created U understand that your journey to better health may have been inspired through previous illness or perhaps the inspiration to develop sustainable and achievable healthier habits.

Our one-to-one consultations place you at the very centre of the process by supporting, educating and inspiring you. By assessing your individual needs and aspirations, we can carve out a perfectly suited programme and match you to a specialist multidisciplinary team which may include professionals such as a personal trainer or nutritionist whose holistic approach will help you redefine and achieve your wellness goals.

So, whether you are looking to lose weight, get fitter or perhaps establish healthier nutritional habits, our one-to-one consultations can support your needs through holistic and evidence-based strategies.

Transformation Programme

Uniquely Created U’s 12-week Simplicity Programme is specially designed to support those looking to transform their lifelong health.

Maybe you are looking to free yourself from chronic tiredness, excess weight or poor fitness? 

The programme’s foundations are firmly underpinned by medical, scientific, and nutritional research and knowledge. Along with psychological analysis and nutritional counselling, we can create, adapt and formulate a personalised approach to help drive your individual needs.

Clients can choose to either work independently throughout the course or look to increase their success rate by working alongside a matched accountability partner.

Online consultation with Vanessa Peat of Uniquely Created U

Studies show that accountability partners can boost rates of commitment and motivation, and working with someone who has similar goals to you, can make these both more achievable and realistic.

Through careful and expert psychological analysis, we ensure that the matching of accountability partners both enhance and strengthen your experience whilst boosting your chances of success.

Corporate Events

Our interactive and inclusive events can help both motivate and inspire employees to ditch sedentary constraints and lead more active and healthier lifestyles. 

With a focus on reducing stress and by providing comprehensive nutritional guidance and encouragement, we can help your teams tap into a happier and more fulfilled way of life. Our expert nutritional team can provide in-depth, personalised guidance and encouragement to help break the cycle of poor nutritional choices which can be the catalyst to enhanced health and heightened wellbeing.

With the increase of hybrid working patterns, so too comes the need to provide truly holistic wellness packages that can provide a supportive framework to your unique and diverse teams, empowering choice and commitment.

Seminar learning with Uniquely Created U


Uniquely Created U retreats can offer the perfect opportunity for concentrated focus.

Our specialist health, nutrition and wellbeing workshops provide an oasis of calm to help place the spotlight on your specific goals; from mindfulness coaching to one-to-one personal training, group classes and much more.

Held at one of our exclusive locations, the team at Uniquely Created U offer specialist 2–3-day packages with you and your ambitions at the heart of the programme.

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Areas We Can Help With

The team at Uniquely Created U understand that healthier lifestyle choices can benefit everyone at any age. From our collective clinical, medical and personal experience, we know just how important it is to feel supported at every step of your journey.

Our specialities include:

Nutritional Health Therapy

  • Health Assessment / Medical Report Analysis – helping you make the best possible future choices
  • Preventative Healthcare Strategies
  • Gut Health
  • Disordered Eating
  • Children’s Nutritional Health

Women’s Health:

  • Pre-Pregnancy and Pregnancy Education and Support
  • Breast Feeding Advice and Support
  • Weight Loss
  • Performance Nutritional Coaching

Happy and healthy women holding banner entitled 'Healthy Habits'.

Men’s Health

  • Health Assessment Analysis
  • Nutritional Advice and Exercise
  • Preventative Healthcare Planning
  • Cardiovascular Health
  • Weight Loss
  • Performance Nutritional Coaching

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What Our Clients Say About Us:

We are proud to support and empower a wide range of clients with various aspects of their health and wellbeing.

“What a fantastic session today. Thank you. I am also keen to pick your brain a little more on my own mission to try and reach a peak health state for me individually. Enjoy the rest of the bank holiday sun." - AR

"I found Dr Peat’s presentation on IBS and Crohn’s disease very informative. I liked his openness, and speaking about his experience as a sufferer of Crohn’s disease puts him in a better position to identify with his patients and they with him. Thank you."  - BT

"I find the course energetic and inspiring. After each session, I felt more relaxed. My energy level was raised when doing the exercises. Vanessa was very professional she inspired me to achieve my goals. I find her advice on nutrition very helpful." – Mrs Royal

“I was touched by Dr Peat’s presentation, I thought about how much he suffered from his bowel condition. However, if he didn’t have what it takes he would not have been able to manage his situation so well. It was so brave of him. I really admired his transparency and openness. I want to thank him for helping me to understand more about Crohn’s disease; and also for his resilience in coping with his condition. With God’s help, he was able to overcome his condition successfully.”  - FG

"I have had the pleasure of taking part in one of Vanessa’s fitness classes for a period of over 3 months. They were brilliant, I had the opportunity to start out at a slower pace, due to not being active for a long period during the pandemic. I attended online exercise classes delivered by UCU. Each training session focused on toning different areas of the body. I found that the sessions were steadily paced and easy to follow as she gave us all clear instructions on how to do the exercises with alternatives. I would highly recommend UCU’s services." – K Holgate

"I thoroughly enjoyed working out with UCU. It's motivating and fun. The experience boosted my energy levels and my overall fitness improved. I fully recommend them." – R Childs

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Starting your journey to enhanced health and revitalised wellbeing is just one step away with the experienced and multidisciplinary team at Uniquely Created U.

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