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HealthHubble believes that the catalyst to making the best health and wellbeing choices starts with sharing evidence based information written by experts within their field; and making this accessible and jargon free to everyone.

When looking for advice or guidance; clear, fact-checked and robust information is paramount when building patient confidence. Therefore we feel very proud to have teamed up with a growing team of multi-disciplinary healthcare professionals to build a valuable collection of articles on a full range of healthcare and wellbeing topics, that we can share with our audience to help them confidently make well informed decisions.

Every article that we publish is written by a healthcare or wellbeing professional who has patient and clinic experience within their field of expertise; which makes them perfectly placed to help educate and inform our users in an accessible format that is built on integrity and trust.

Andrew Dorey

Andrew Dorey is a professional personal coach who has a passion for working with clients to achieve their own health and fitness goals in a sustainable and supportive environment. Originally from Canada, Andrew started his professional sporting career within American Football, achieving a college scholarship with St Mary’s University in Halifax, Nova Scotia. On moving to the UK, Andrew joined the armed forces achieving his position as a Royal Marine and working all over the world. Now working directly with his own clients, Andrew’s focus, dedication and infectious energy places him perfectly in his field of expertise. 

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Frances Robinson

Frances Robinson

Frances is a Dental Hygienist in London’s Harley Street district and has a passion for patient care. She prides herself on gentle, thorough and effective hygiene treatment along-side oral and systemic health education. Frances is an active member of a premier dental hygienist’s study club in London and is also a member of the British Society of Dental Hygienists and Therapists. During the COVID-19 lockdown she started her Instagram page @theglobalhygienist in order to both keep in touch with and educate her patients.  Frances has further interests in global oral health promotion and education and has completed a Masters in Dental Public Health from UCL, and has even presented her research at International conferences. She considers it her lifelong ambition to use her clinical skills to help those in less fortunate circumstances and has volunteered in Nepal, Cambodia and India. She currently holds the position of volunteer fundraising officer for Dental Mavericks - a UK dental charity working in Lebanon.

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Fred Braithwaite

Fred Braithwaite is a Specialist Physiotherapist with an interest in spinal injuries, long term athletic development, cancer rehabilitation and triathletes. He is the managing director of Stronglines Physio and is also the Midlands representative for the Pinc & Steel Cancer Rehab Foundation for the UK and Northern Ireland. Fred created Stonglines Physio with his wife Sasha with the aim of providing more than an average clinic experience. Created originally as a specialist provider of musculoskeletal physiotherapy, Stronglines also offer health and performance services as well as bespoke packages for Sports teams and Sport medicine departments in need of support. The art and science of rehabilitation has become something of a fascination to Fred; using a mix of manual therapy and rehabilitation to not just treat symptoms of pain; but to eliminate the dysfunction and cause. Fred’s personal experience of injury on the cusp of a promising career in Rugby League, saw him discover the passion for the application of science in physical development rehabilitation. This was the inspiration and catalyst to his change of career and the foundational concept of Stronglines; which today, is proud to support and serve a broad and growing range of clients. Fred is a dedicated father to two small children and enjoys a number of sports from powerlifting, cycling and running to taking part in ultra-events.

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Julia Martinez

Julia Martinez is a life coach and therapist who specialises in assisting her clients with a wide range of anxieties in order to find happier and more balanced pathways. Originally from Russia, Julia has significant experience within the international private education system and has worked directly with students and their parents to find suitable language placements. Her passion for working with students from varying backgrounds and helping them with the associated anxieties of international placement led Julia to retrain as a Psychosomatic Therapist; turning her attentions to the wider arena of life coaching and set up her clinic ReselfMe . Julia’s calm approach, extensive experience and personalized techniques empower her clients to gain the confidence to take control.

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Kate van Rensburg


Kate van Rensburg

Kate is a Chartered Physiotherapist and owner of Acuphysio, a physiotherapy and acupuncture clinic in Monmouthshire which opened in 2020. Kate offers dedicated, specialised, patient-centred treatment for acute and chronic pain and injuries. With extensive experience in the NHS and private practice in the UK and overseas, she remains a very "hands-on" therapist but often uses acupuncture to compliment pain management treatment to ensure a holistic approach. Being continually amazed by the results achieved with acupuncture, she has also recently qualified as a Facial Enhancement acupuncturist and now offers cosmetic acupuncture at the clinic. Kate is passionate about providing the best possible care for patients and is continually updating her clinical skills and is actively involved in research having had papers published in medical journals. With two young children who are avid golfers, Kate is not one to sit still but admits to being the laziest person she knows when it comes to exercise. Therefore, she never expects patients to follow extensive and impractical exercise programmes but always tailor’s rehabilitation specific to the patient and is always available for advice.

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Katie Hodge


Katie Hodge

Katie is a qualified Hatha and Yin Yoga Instructor. Her aim is to create a safe environment for students to move and breathe, discovering the calm this can bring as the mind and body connect. Her classes start by focusing on the breath, slowing down, feeling calm and grounded. Guided by the breath a series of yoga postures are sequenced in order to build strength and flexibility. The aim is to leave class feeling transformed, having discovered, unearthed stillness and peace, regaining energy and strength. Katie has witnessed first-hand the transformation of Yoga with her own physical and mental health and is on a mission to spread the gift of Yoga to others. Her business Katie J Yoga includes in-person and online classes (live and on demand), workshops and retreats (coming soon!).  Through Katie's online platform she has a libary of over 25 pre-recorded videos ranging from 10 minute meditation to 1 hour classes.

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Kelly Steed


Kelly Steed 

Kelly qualified in physiotherapy after having a career in marketing and teaching English abroad and is one of the founders of Severn Physiotherapy . She has worked in the NHS, with experience in local community teams as well as practising from Comfort Health in Clifton, Bristol. Kelly is currently studying for her Pilates teaching qualification and loves learning and developing her skills by attending courses, listening to webinars, and sharing supervision with her peers. Her latest venture is supporting the Pelvic, Obstetric and Gynaecological Physiotherapy charity in a committee role as social media officer.  Kelly believes that the waiting lists for community care are often too long and aims to provide a local service to people who will benefit from physiotherapy now. She enjoys working with people to identify their individual goals and treats in a caring, kind and respectful manner at all times.

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Dr. Keval Chavda

Dr Kev is a cosmetic and family dentist based in Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire. Dr Kev is incredibly passionate and enthusiastic about delivering the best possible patient care and is well liked by both the practice team and patients for his relaxed and friendly manner. He is a qualified Invisalign & ClearCorrect practitioner, giving brand new smiles to patients throughout the East Midlands with Invisalign and ClearCorrect's immensely popular clear aligner systems. In addition, Dr Kev has additional training in cosmetic smile makeovers and facial aesthetics which enables him to treat patients and a holistic and patient-centered manner. Dr Kev offers a unique and personalised service where patients can message him directly through his Instagram/Facebook account @kevthedentist, where he also displays an impressive portfolio of cosmetic cases and testimonials as well as humourous Tik Tok videos to brighten your day.

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Krysten Taprell

Krysten Taprell is a Psychologist with 20 years’ experience working with children and families. She has worked in many settings including schools, Private Practice and Government agencies. She has extensive experience working with people on the Autistic Spectrum as well as conducting diagnostic assessments. During her work she found that she was seeing the same issues coming through her door, requiring the same strategies. This is why she started her website While some difficulties will need regular sessions with a qualified Psychologist, sometimes parents just need a few tips and creative ideas to bring change to their children's lives. The weekly blog offers parents proven strategies and playful activities that children respond and also supports parents. Krysten has also written a children's book to be released later this year that focuses on empowering children to manage nightmares.

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Linda Isaacs

Since qualifying in 1999 Linda has had an extensive career in the NHS, Sports and Private Sector.  Linda uses a holistic approach, and uses various hands on treatments, such as soft tissue massage and joint mobilization.  Using prescribed exercises to strengthen and improve mobility, alongside advice and self-management tips based on the latest research. This gives you the tools to help yourself aid in your own recovery.  Linda treats a wide range of musculoskeletal conditions and injuries related to joints, bones and muscles in the body. She treats dolescents up to adults.  Linda has a special interest in injuries and problems in sporting adolescents and works closely with the Academy of Gymnastics Portishead. She also teaches Rehabilitation Pilates classes at Walnut Grove Clinic.  Linda lives in Portishead with her family.

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Dr Maryam McMillan

Dr Maryam McMillan

Maryam McMillan BSc(Hons)BDS MFGDP(UK) is a dental surgeon and facial aesthetics practitioner with over 20 years of clinical experience and is the Founder and Clinical Director of the Ambra Facial Aesthetics Clinic in London. Her career began in 1997 when she graduated with an honour’s degree in Pharmacology. Following this, she went on to achieve a dental degree in 2002 from the University of Sheffield, and was awarded membership to the faculty of General Practice at the Royal College of Surgeons of England just a few years later. In 2018 Dr. Maryam was nominated as a finalist in the National Aesthetics Dentistry Awards, in all three facial aesthetics categories. To date, she has completed numerous postgraduate courses in advanced cosmetic dentistry and facial aesthetics and holds qualifications in advanced facial aesthetics, including: treatment of tear troughs, non-surgical rhinoplasty, neck and decolletage, hands and facial contouring and dealing with corrections. Dr Maryam is passionate about providing unique individualised care, ensuring that her clients are fully supported from both a physical and emotional aspect.

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Michael Radford

Mr Michael Radford

Mr Michael Radford is a specialist NHS knee and sports reconstructive Orthopaedic surgeon and has been a consultant at Weston General Hospital for over 14 years.  Having qualified from Charging Cross and Westminster Medical School in 1992 he undertook orthopaedic training on the prestigious Oxford rotation and spent a further year specialising in knee surgery at the world-renowned North Sydney Orthopaedic Sports Medicine Centre.  Michael is a fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons, British Orthopaedic Association and British Association for Surgery of the knee.  Added to this he is on the expert forum for the Oxford Knee replacement, teaching both nationally and internationally as well also holding a position on the expert forum for the Lars Ligament.  He is also one of the few national surgeons to be selected by Smith and Nephew to attend their annual forum.  In 2011 Michael became one of the founding Directors of Somerset Surgical Services, who work in tandem with the NHS Trust improving and increasing services offered by Western General Hospital.  All income generated from this is then reinvested into Western General Hospital.  When not working, Michael loves to splay sport and cycles with a local club.

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Olivia Palmer

Olivia Palmer is an accredited Nutritionist and Psychologist who works with a wide range of clients, providing them with the tools and positive outlooks to improve their nutritional habits and establish excellent foundations for optimal health. An expert by degree, Olivia is passionate about empowering her clients to gain a different perspective on their dietary health and thus enabling them to achieve sustainable, long term health goals. Olivia works across a broad spectrum with both her private work as The Nutrition Activist, but also her work with Second Nature and its supportive work within the NHS. This exposure along with her personal experience places her as a trusted expert within this field.

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Rana Mirzai


Rana Mirzai

Rana Mirzai is a Senior Clinical Pharmacist who is currently working in the mental health sector. Having graduated from University College London she has since worked in a variety of different hospitals. During this time, she has gained the confidence to specialise in the field of mental health and hopes to further develop and progress in this field in the future. She will begin her independent prescribing training the January 2021 with the hopes of being fully qualified as a prescriber by June 2021. Rana is passionate about health and fitness and improving the wellbeing of the public. Through this desire to improve mental health and raise awareness she started a new Instagram page @thewellfitpharmacist. The page was set up to educate the public on common health complaints as well as having a positive impact on wellbeing.

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Roseanna Grace Conway

Roseanna Grace is a Clinical Specialist Pelvic Health Physiotherapist. She works part time within the NHS and is the Director and Clinical Lead of her own dedicated Pelvic Health Private Practice, Roseanna Grace Physiotherapy located in Jesmond, Newcastle-upon-Tyne. A pelvic health physiotherapist is highly specialist in treating conditions links to the pelvis such as; urinary incontinence, faecal incontinence, pelvic organ prolapse, dyspareunia (painful sex), chronic constipation, IBS, painful bladder syndrome, chronic pelvic pain and many others (see website for full condition list ). Roseanna has extensive continued professional development in Pelvic Health and has most recently been awarded a Post Graduate Certificate in ‘Continence for Physiotherapists’ from Bradford University (December 2019). She is extremely passionate and enthusiastic towards educating and improving pelvic health dysfunction amongst men, women and children and strives to break the taboo around pelvic floor health. The ‘taboo’ nature of dysfunction affecting the pelvis is why people delay seeking advice and self-help. 

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Sandra Harding

Sandra Harding

Sandra started her career in the North before moving to the South West. She worked clinically in Outpatients and entered management at hospital level and then on a national level.  She has managed an independent hospital and more latterly a national physiotherapy service. Here she was instrumental in moving more than 50 sites towards a common goal which was to continually improve the quality of the service whilst growing the business and meeting all regulatory requirements.  Sandra’s background brings a plethora of experience and through her work with PAL Physiotherapy Audit Ltd enables robust analysis and reporting tools to empower other clinicians in remaining compliant through evidence-based processes.

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Sarah Tribe

Sarah Tribe

Sarah started her career as a physiotherapist in a London teaching hospital and worked clinically for several years before moving into managing and inspecting therapy services.  Latterly, Sarah moved into the Health and Social Care sector supporting Care Homes to achieve compliance with CQC regulations and standards.  Sarah’s background brings a host of experience and through her work with PAL Physiotherapy Audit Ltd enables robust analysis and reporting tools to empower other clinicians in remaining compliant through evidence-based processes. 

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Dr Susie Fox

Dr Susie Fox

Susie is a GP registrar doctor based in Yorkshire. She also works as a physical activity clinical champion for Public Health England and is a qualified personal trainer. Her interests are in promoting physical activity alongside a healthy lifestyle for the prevention of health conditions. Her work with Public Health England allows her to deliver sessions to healthcare professionals outlining the benefits of physical activity and enabling colleagues to have conversations with patients regarding this. Her interests as a personal trainer are in encouraging beginners and those with long term health conditions to get active and achieve a long term lifestyle change.In her spare time Susie enjoys walking, cycling and spending time with family and friends.

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The Urology Foundation

The Urology Foundation

The Urology Foundation is a registered charity that works across all urology conditions such as the 5 urology cancers (prostate, testicular, kidney, bladder, penile), kidney disease, BPH, erectile dysfunction and benign conditions that can blight peoples life such as incontinence.   Working with researchers, urology and health care professionals they are improving the nation’s urology care. The Urology Foundation are dedicated to beating all urology diseases through cutting-edge research and leading education and training to ensure that fewer lives will be devastated.

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Zara Ford

Zara Ford is a qualified Osteopath and runs a multidisciplinary clinic in Portishead on the outskirts of Bristol. Zara set up Walnut Grove Clinic in 1992 and is impassioned by supporting her clients holistically with a wide range of therapies and treatments. Zara is a British, European and World Speed champion in Windsurfing and holds the women’s windsurfing 500m world record. As an accomplished athlete she was perfectly placed to be one of a group of healthcare professionals who looked after the British Team at both the Sydney and Athens Olympics as well as athletes at the Manchester Commonwealth Games. Her unrivalled experience, dedication and enthusiasm are just some of the outstanding qualities she brings to both her patient’s support and other healthcare professionals she trains and supervises.

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Mr Ziad Harb

Mr Ziad Harb

Ziad is a dual-fellowship trained Consultant Trauma and Orthopaedic Surgeon with a special interest in sports injuries, all aspects of trauma, fractures and limb reconstructive surgery.  Ziad has a particular interest in foot & ankle conditions, acute and chronic sports injuries, and in non-surgical and surgical treatments including the latest evidence-based techniques and procedures. Ziad has over 16 years of experience, undertaking his specialist orthopaedic training on the South-East Thames rotation, and working at some of London’s most illustrious university teaching hospitals. He trained with highly eminent and internationally recognised Orthopaedic Surgeons and completed two world-renowned fellowships, in complex trauma and limb reconstruction surgery at the Rowley Bristow Unit, followed by a specialist foot & ankle surgery fellowship at Guy’s Hospital, London. Ziad is heavily involved in the teaching and training of medical students and junior doctors. He is an educational and clinical supervisor for junior doctors, is a faculty member and instructor on a number of national courses and an invited lecturer at King’s College London University Medical School. Ziad is a member of the British Orthopaedic Foot & Ankle Society (BOFAS), Orthopaedic Trauma Society (OTS), and British Limb Reconstruction Society (BLRS).

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