Our Values

Our company values represent what’s most important to our company. They guide our behaviour and the development of our company, brand and platform. They transcend through our company and should be evident in our products.


Fundamental to HealthHubble. Everything that we do should incorporate processes that ensure that we attain and maintain the trust of our users, customers and people within our organisation. To achieve this, we strive to be knowledgeable and have integrity, be transparent and embrace candour.

User-first Focus

We prioritise our users first and foremost. Our driving force for developing HealthHubble has been to have a positive impact on the lives of people who want to improve their health and wellbeing.

Inspiration and Passion

We strive to be inspirational and passionate about Health and Wellbeing and do things with a splash of fun.

Continuous Learning

We will continually learn to aid our evolution and ensure we are pushing frontiers. We have a focus on continual professional development for individuals within the company and the development of our products and brand. We will inform our users about their health and wellbeing to the best of our ability.

Teamwork and Collaboration

We support each other in our work and encourage the development of a strong team. We collaborate with others to ensure that we can be the very best we can be.

Diversity and Unique Personalities

We see strength in celebrating our differences and the uniqueness of our personalities. We will always see everyone as equal. Individually, we are all amazing and can add value in our own unique way.